Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I Got Nominated! (Best Blog)

I got nominated for Best Blog by A Secret to Keep! Here are the questions I need to answer:

  • Casual or formal? A: Casual! Definitely.
  • Favorite sport? A: I hate sports because I'm so awkward, but I'd pick badminton as my favourite sport; it's my favourite out of the couple sports I actually do.
  • A quote you like: A: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." You guessed it, that was Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore
  • What do you think about my blog? A: I think the layout is adorable, and I haven't looked at your posts a lot but overall I think your blog is really cute.
  • A talent of yours? A: None, haha.
  • Fashion or style? A: Style.
  • Favorite Season: A: Summer or winter.
  • Do you like it when it rains? A: No, I hate it!
  • Define your blog in one word. A: Supermegafoxyawesomehot
  • Which is or was your favorite class on school? A: English!

My Nominations:

...aaaand that's it. I don't follow a lot of blogs and this was one of the only "minor" blogs I followed.


  • Casual or formal?
  • Favorite sport?
  • A quote you like:
  • What do you think about my blog?
  • A talent of yours?
  • Fashion or style?
  • Favorite Season:
  • Do you like it when it rains?
  • Define your blog in one word.
  • Which is or was your favorite class on school?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIY: Beach Spray

Beachy waves are amazingly pretty and effortless, but beach spraycan get pretty expensive. So today I'll show you how to make your own at home!

  • Sea salt
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Hair gel or hairspray (optional)
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  1. Fill your spray bottle up with lukewarm water
  2. Measure out about a tablespoon or less of sea salt and carefully dump it into the bottle
  3. Pour in about a teaspoonful of leave-in
  4. If you're using hair gel, just scoop in around 1-2 teaspoons of it and mix
  5. If you're using hairspray, position the nozzle at the opening of the bottle and spray 2-3 times and mix
  6. Close the bottle tightly and shake gently a few time to make sure everything is mixed well
The measurements don't have to be very precise. Just tailor the recipe to your needs. For example, if you have drier or frizzier hair, you can add more leave-in conditioner to help tame it. Or if your hair doesn't hold curls very well, you can add more hairspray.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Keeping your nails healthy is super important. Because unlike hair, nails can look very bad if left dry and unhealthy. You can't use a flat iron or a blowdryer on your nails. So here are some tips on keeping your nails strong and beautiful!


Trim your nails regularly. Even if you're trying to grow them longer, try to clip just a little off once every one or two weeks. This will ensure that you don't get flimsy, thin tips on your nails.
If you play an instrument, like me, trim your nails once a week the day before your lesson. This way, your teacher is happy, you're happy, and you can play your instrument without your nails getting in the way!
On the topic of playing an instrument, you might be wondering about how long/short you should be keeping your nails. I know music teachers can be sticklers about clipping your nails to the cuticle, but they really don't have to be that short. I like to trim mine so that about a millimeter or so of white shows.

Buff and File

Filing your nails right after you trim them will help to keep them in shape and polished-looking. If you need a bit of inspiration as to what nail shape you should use, here is a general guide:

Credit on picture

 My nails are squoval, because that's what I'm most comfortable with. Try to experiment with different shapes and see what feels best with your own nails.
Now on to buffing. Invest in a good nail buffer. Mine is from The Body Shop. A very popular one (and for good reason) is the four-sided buffer from Seacret.
Never buff horizontally on your nails; buff them vertically. Make sure to use the rough side first, to smooth out your nails, and then the smooth side, to polish them (unless your buffer comes with other instructions). Don't buff your nails more than once a week, because buffing your nails is basically thinning out or removing the topmost layer on your nails. If you do this too much, your nails will be thin and weak.


If you can't invest in a good quality cuticle oil, make your own. I use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. You can try sunflower seed oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil, or you can mix some of these oils together.
Apply some cuticle oil to your cuticles every night before bed and massage them in. Doing this before bed will allow them to soak in and nourish your nails properly. Plus, you'll get super soft and supple hands from all the moisturizing!

Nail Polish
I know we all love nail polish, but try to give your poor, tired nails a break every once a while. Give them maybe a week off once a month to just let them breathe and regain their strength. Keeping them constantly coated with chemicals is hardly going to help them grow and stay healthy.
And when you are painting your nails, make sure you use a good quality polish.
Get well-known brands that are recommended by many, like OPI, Essie, Butter London, Sally Hansen, etc. If you can, even go with a water-based nail polish. Try not to get your nail polish from night markets or any other cheap places, because even if the bottles say they're "OPI," they're probably imitation.
Also, don't forget to use a good base coat to act as a barrier between your nails and the nail polish. Not only does this make removing easier and keep your manicure on longer, it also helps with keeping the harsh chemicals from hurting your nails.

I know this might be a lot of boring rules to follow, but trust me, it's all worth it! Soon, you'll have nails so pretty you'll be proud of wearing them out with no nail polish.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Cute Polka Dot Accent Nails

Today's manicure incorporates two big trends for spring 2013: neutral nails and polkadots. This started out as a simple, model-off-duty sheer nail mani but I started to layer on the polish for a more opaque finish and added polka dots.
Sally Hansen's Sheer Vanilla shade from the Hard as Nails line was used as the base colour and the polka dots were created with the black Winwax New York Long Enamel polish.
What are your favourite spring trends so far? And what manicure will you be sporting most this spring?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mint Floral Print Nails

This was inspired by the Spring Floral Nail Art tutorial by TotallyCoolNails on YouTube. I did a lighter mint colour with floral only on the ring finger for an accent
This picture was taken a few days after I painted my nails, so you'll notice some tipwear on a couple of my nails.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Warm and Cool

Differentiating warm and cool tones can be hard sometimes when you're a makeup newbie. Here I'll show you how to tell between warm and cool reds, pinks, skin tones, and colours.


The first thing you need to know is that cool toned, or blue toned, lipsticks tend to make your teeth look whiter and look better on cool skin tones while warm reds tend to enhance any yellow in your teeth.
So how do you tell between them? Cool reds usually look crisper and brighter. If you're looking for a lipstick that will help make your teeth look whiter, try to find one with a bluish tone. If the lipstick is pink, you can easily find a blue tone by seeing if the pink leans more purple than red.
This is a cool red:

As you can see, the red looks amazing on the girl's cool skintone, and it leans more bluish purple than orange.
Now, here is the warm red:


See how the orange tone brings out yellowness in the teeth? And the darker tone makes lips look thinner, so if you already have thin lips, try to choose a lighter colour.


For pinks we'll be focusing on blush, but you can apply these tips to lipstick as well.
A good blush for cool-toned girls would be blue-toned pink. As I said in the Reds section, blue-toned pinks are the ones that look more purple or lavender than red or orange. Warm toned pinks are more bronzy.
Here is a cool pink:

Look closely. You can see that if you lightened or deepened the colour, it'd look a bit purplish rather than reddish.
And the warm pink:

The one on the left, to be precise. Do you see how much more bronze it looks?


There are a several ways to figure out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. One of them is to look at your wrists. If your veins appear green, you are most likely warm-toned, but if they look blue, you are probably cool-toned.
Another way is to take one silver object (could be jewelry, a spoon, anything silver) and one gold object and hold them against your arm. If your skin looks better with the silver object, you are cool-toned. If your skin looks nicer with the gold object, you are warm-toned.
Cool-toned skin tends to look more noticeably flawless than warm-toned skin, even if the warm-toned girl has equally smooth skin.
Here is a cool skinned girl:


And a warm skinned girl:


I know the examples I chose were pretty obvious, but I wanted to emphasize the difference for you. Look at how much clearer the first girl's skin seems.

Do you have warm or cool skin? What blush and lipstick shades do you prefer on yourself? Leave a comment below!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial: Natural and Flirty (pic-heavy

I did this tutorial using one of my best friends, Lulu, as a model. She came over to Vancouver from Victoria for a swim meet so I took the chance and asked her to model for me! We had a blast :D

Anyways, down to the tutorial:

Step 1:

I applied concealer under her eyes, and everywhere it was needed, including between her brows and around her nose as well as on her eyelids. Then I blended it using an angled foundation brush.


And don't forget to prime lips with lip balm.

Step 2:

I used the same angled foundation brush to apply and blend eyeshadow primer.

Step 3:


I then set everything with loose powder--but use it sparingly, because this is a glowy, natural look.

Step 4:


Using an angled eyeshadow brush and this shimmery, golden champagne shadow, I brushed it all over Lulu's inner corner, lid, and browbone.

Step 5:


Then I tightlined along her upper lashlines using a dark brown pencil liner.

Step 6:

I curled her lashes, and then applied a coat of lengthening and volumizing mascara for flirty, bat-worthy lashes without the overdone feel of falsies.

Step 7:


Then I used my finger to pat on a bright pink cream blush to emulate a natural flush.

Step 8:


And of course, luminizer on top of the cheekbones for a fresh glow.

Step 9:


The finishing touch was Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, a high-shimmer butter with a soft peachy-pink tint.

 Look at her, all ready to break hearts with her natural but flirty look!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Covergirl Eyeenhancers in Major Distraction: Photos & Swatches

YES! The Zellers at my local mall is finally closing so that Target can move in soon. They're having a closing sale, and I picked up this Covergirl eyeshadow palette in Major Distraction.

 It comes with a dual-ended sponge tip applicator--one end with a regular, flat sponge and one end with a sharper tip.

The first shade is a shimmery, pinky champagne. The second shade is a medium sort of chestnut brown with rose gold and silver shimmer. And the last shade is a pretty, shimmery teal.

 swatched with no primer

The colours were a bit disappointing in regards to pigmentation--I had to use several swipes with the sponge tip applicator to get the colour you see here. But I think they'd be very pretty over primer.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Winter Glitter Gradient Nails

 Hey there! Today I want to show you guys my latest manicure. It's a glitter gradient I achieved using only polishes, no sponging!
I was inspired by the frosty winter for this mani. It was so sudden, being in a freezing cold place after the heat of Malaysia, that I just knew I had to do a winter manicure.
I used Beyond the Mistletoe from Colour Club. It's a clear base packed with holographic fine silver and blue glitter.
Here's a better shot of the gradient:

 What I did was apply a base coat first, then paint on a coat of Beyond the Mistletoe. I scraped a lot of polish off the brush before this, so I got just a little glitter on my nail. After doing this on all my nails, I went back and painted another coat just on the bottom half of my nails, this time not scraping off as much. When all of my nails were done, I added a little more glitter on the tips of my nails so they were more dense, and when my nails were dry, I added a top coat.
Note that this method only works with clear-based glitter polishes. For other polishes, you'll need a sponge.
What are your favourite winter manicures?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

DIY Beauty: Makeup

We all love beauty, of course, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we can't go out and buy everything we need. Maybe we're short on cash, maybe we don't have the time, or maybe we're just feeling too lazy to get dressed and walk or drive to the store just to buy a moisturizer.
Well, DIY beauty is the solution! I've learned quite a few things about beauty DIYs with ingredients you can find in your home, thanks to the days I used to research this subject :D So I decided to make a little series of posts for the DIYs: Makeup, Skincare, and Hair Products and Haircare. This is the first in the series, Makeup. Enjoy!

Mineral or Powder Foundation
  1. Start out with some arrowroot powder (or cornstarch, but apparently arrowroot powder is better) in your container. 
  2. Add a little bit of cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. 
  3. Add more and adjust until it fits your skin. 
  4. If you want to make it a pressed powder foundation, mix in a couple drops of your favourite essential oil (not more than four drops, if you add too much, it's turn gooey or liquid) and press it into a compact (or just leave it in the original container)
  1. Start with cocoa powder in a container.
  2. Blend in some arrowroot powder or cornstarch to lighten if you need to (remember to test the shade, on the inside of your arm).
Liquid Foundation:
  1. Take your mineral or powder foundation and get some in a container. If it's pressed powder, you'll have to use something (try using a bobby pin) to scrape it into the container.
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil, and mix well. If you want sheerer coverage, try adding moisturizer.
  3. Adjust the ingredients to control the pigmentation and texture. 
Lip Stain:
  1.  Slice a beet and apply directly to lips.
  2. If you don't want the ruby red to be so intense, add beet juice to Vaseline or coconut, olive, or sweet almond oil.
Lip Balm:
  1. You can play with the ingredients for this DIY. Vaseline, olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and countless others are all great for lip balms.
  2. Mix the ingredients you chose in desired container. If you like, you can microwave them in the container before mixing to make things easier.
  3. Cap the container and put it in the fridge to set for ten to fifteen minutes.
Cream Eyeshadow and Blush
This post MIGHT be updated if I find any more recipes for you guys :D
Do you have any DIY recipes to share?